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Kingston SE National Trust Museum


Discover a journey through time at the museum, where visitors can explore the rich history of Kingston SE through a diverse array of exhibits. This curated collection showcases the daily lives of early settlers, featuring an array of household items ranging from vintage kitchen tools and telephones to typewriters. The exhibition also highlights the evolution of agriculture with displays of saddlery, horse-drawn vehicles, tractors, and small engines that played a crucial role in shaping Kingston's development.

Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Kingston with a carefully curated assortment of Aboriginal artifacts, providing insight into the region's diverse history. The museum also pays homage to the fishing industry, a pivotal trade in Kingston during the 19th century, offering a captivating narrative of its significance.

Dive into a unique chapter of Kingston's past as the exhibit unfolds the bark tanning industry, a distinctive aspect from the 1870s. Learn about the collection and grinding of black wattle bark into powder to tan leather, leaving an enduring imprint on the local history.

The museum's pièce de résistance is the 8-foot anchor from the Margaret Brock, a coastal trading ship that met its demise on the journey to Melbourne in 1852. Stranded on a reef south of Guichen Bay, the shipwreck has become a significant historical landmark and its story is vividly presented in an immersive display.

Visitors are invited to step into the crossroads of time and history, where each exhibit narrates a unique story and every artifact preserves a fragment of Kingston's enthralling past. The museum promises an enriching experience that transcends the ages, inviting all to explore and connect with Kingston's captivating history.

23 Cooke Street, Kingston SE SA 5275
Key Dates/Times

During school holidays, 2pm - 4pm daily.
At other times phone 0417 174 815 to book a visit.

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