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Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Conservation Appeal

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Save the Lighthouse; The Cape Jaffa Lighthouse needs your help!

For 101 years the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse weathered the ravages of sea and wind on the on the Margaret Brock Reef before creating Australian history when it became the first off-shore Lighthouse to be meticulously dismantled and reassembled on the foreshore at Kingston SE in 1976.

The Kingston National Trust Branch’s dedication to the preservation of this lighthouse is unwavering, with a determination to sustain and maintain it.

However, some preservation tasks require a high level of expertise which comes at a significant cost beyond the means of the Local Branch. To ensure its preservation and longevity, the entire structure must be stripped back every 10 years with an estimated cost upwards of $150,000. Due to rust and corrosion issues, any major restoration work needs to be done properly so the paint work will last as long as possible.

This conservation appeal has been set up to specifically raise funds to assist them with three urgent conservation tasks:

  • Removal of rust and corrosion externally.

  • Paint the external surfaces of the lighthouse.

  • Re-caulk the lantern glazing and replace a glazing panel.

To ensure that these urgent and essential maintenance tasks can commence, the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse team has launched a Conservation Appeal and are seeking your support in their online auction. Place your bid on local experiences, wine and accommodation to name a few, so the Lighthouse can continue to provide a fascinating insight into our past and maritime history for years to come.

Auction closes, 5pm on the 15th December 2023.

Or you can donate directly to the National Trust and select the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse Appeal

Lighthouse conservation appeal poster

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