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Argyle Travel and Cruise

Travel Specialists

Argyle Travel and Cruise is a bespoke travel service, established by owner/manager, Naome Burdon, on 01 September 2000. Argyle Travel and Cruise is the longest-running travel business in southern SA, that has been owned and managed by the same person.

At Argyle Travel and Cruise we handle all aspects of domestic and international travel. Argyle Travel and Cruise have excellent relationships with our suppliers; the majority of which are Australian based. We truly cherish the friendships we make with the people we do business with. We sincerely love getting to know the people we do business with. It is all about them.

We are proud members of Travellers Choice, ATAS and ATIA – so you know that you can trust us!

These days, Argyle Travel and Cruise has a permanent Travel Consultant and Travel Dream Creator based in Kingston SE – Suzanne Drabsch (you may know her as the founding owner of Bliss Kingston!) Her permanent office is located at the Kingston SE Business Centre, Shop 3A Holland Street, Kingston SE. Office hours are Monday – Thursday 9am-4pm. Appointments to meet with Suzanne are available, in advance, by either calling Suzanne on 0427 676 020 or at the following DIY link:

Let us inspire you. We know because we go, we want you to experience, from our experience. Let us be your memory-making expert.

You know who to call. After all, we are your travel experts and we absolutely, did not come this far, just to come this far.

Argyle Travel and Cruise
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