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Shine Your Way

Support Providers

Shine Your Way are a Disability Support Provider working towards creating experiences that enable people who face barriers, opportunities to shine. Operating in Kingston SE and surrounds, our participants are provided with a supported, encouraged and empowered environment to learn, grow and be successful, in their eyes, at home, in their workplace and in the community, putting the “I” in the centre of how the participant shines.

Shine Your Way is focused on delivering the support you want, when, where and how you want it with the view of participant’s being the star of their own show and shining brightly. We can provide the following services and supports to anyone that is a NDIS participant in self plan managed and has Core or Capacity Building Funding within that plan.

- Social & Community Participation Support

- Assistance with Daily Life

- Independent Living Skills Support

- Employment and/or Volunteering Support

We also run Holiday Programs and Holiday Assistance.

48 Agnes Street, Kingston SE SA 5275
0499 411 618
Shine Your Way
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